Statistics Option 


STAT 500 M.S. Thesis   

STAT 501 Statistical Theory I     

STAT 502 Statistical Theory II     

STAT 542 Seminar in Statistics     

Three electives from Modeling, Computing or Elective Course list

Two electives from any of the following course groups or out of department   

Totally seven courses with at least 21 credit hours       

Interdisciplinary Statistics Option for non-majors


STAT 500 M.S. Thesis

STAT 551 Probability and Statistics I    

STAT 552 Probability and Statistics II     

STAT 542 Seminar in Statistics         

One Computing course

One Modeling course

One Elective course       

Two electives from any of the following course groups or out of department   

Totally seven courses with at least 21 credit hours       

Computing Courses

STAT 554 Computational Statistics (*)

STAT 555 Advanced Computational Statistics

STAT 556 Advanced Computing Methods in Statistics 

Modeling Courses      

STAT 503 Linear Statistical Models

STAT 525 Regression Theory and Methods

STAT 557 Statistical Modeling I (*)     

STAT 558 Statistical Modeling II (*)

STAT 559 Applied Multivariate Analysis    

STAT 560 Logistic Regression Analysis    

STAT 561 Panel Data Analysis     

STAT 562 Univariate Time Series Analysis

STAT 563 Multivariate Time Series Analysis


Elective Courses

STAT 504 Non-Parametric Statistical Inference and Methods

STAT 505 Sampling Theory and Methods

STAT 509 Applied Stochastic Processes

STAT 518 Statistical Analysis of Designed Experiments

STAT 553 Actuarial Analysis and Risk Theory

STAT 564 Advanced Statistical Data Analysis

STAT 565 Decision Theory and Bayesian Analysis

STAT 566 Reliability Theory and Methods

STAT 567 Biostatistics and Statistical Genetics

STAT 568 Statistical Consulting 

(*) Starred courses can only be taken by the students of Interdisciplinary Statistics Option 


Compulsory Courses for the Ph.D. Degree

STAT 601 Advanced Probability Theory I 
STAT 602 Advanced Probability Theory II 
STAT 603 Advanced Theory of Statistics I 
STAT 604 Advanced Theory of Statistics II

Other Ph.D. Courses

STAT 605 Theory of Linear and Nonlinear Statistical Models 
STAT 606 Theory of Experimental Designs 
STAT 607 Nonparametric Theory of Statistics 
STAT 608 Probability Models and Stochastic Processes 
STAT 609 Statistical Decision Theory 
STAT 610 Sequential Analysis 
STAT 611 Multivariate Analysis 
STAT 612 Advanced Topics in Time Series Analysis 
STAT 613 Advanced Topics in Life Testing and Reliability 
STAT 614 Interpretation of Data I 
STAT 615 Interpretation of Data II 
STAT 616 Applications of Statistics in Industry 
STAT 617 Large Sample Theory of Statistics 
STAT 618 Mathematical Models and Response Surface Methodology 
STAT 619 Advanced Topics in Regression and Analysis of Variance 
STAT 620 Bayesian Inference 
STAT 621 Robust Statistics 
STAT 622 Discrete Multivariate Analysis 
STAT 623 Spatial Statistics 
STAT 630 Advanced Topics in Statistical Inference  
STAT 632 Inference for Stochastic Processes 
STAT 634 Theory of Stationary Random Functions 
STAT 642 Seminar in Statistics 
STAT 699 Ph.D. Thesis in Statistics 
STAT 800-899 Special Studies