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+90 (312) 210-5312
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+90 (312) 210-2959
  • Ph.D.: Department of Statistics,Midde East Technical University,Turkey2012-Present
  • M.S.: Department of Statistics, Dokuz Eylul University,Turkey,2008-2011
  • B.S.: Department of Education of Maths - Maths, Dokuz Eylul University, Turkey, 2001-2006


Academic and Professional Experience:

  • Giresun University Department of Statistics, Research Assistant (2011-2012)
Research Interests: 
  • Markov Chain Monte Carlo 
  • Derivative Markets
  • Statistical Education
Assisted Courses / Laboratories: 
  • STAT364 Linear Models II (2013 Spring Semester)
  • STAT363 Linear Models I (2012 Fall Semester)
  • Calculus II (2011 Spring Semester)
  • Calculus I (2010 Fall Semester)


Selected Publications: 


  • Ayyıldız, E., Ağraz, M and Purutçuoğlu, V., (2017), MARS as ana laternative approach of Gaussian graphical model for biological networks, Journal of Applied Stat (accepted for the publication).
  • Purutçuoğlu, V., Ağraz, M. and Wit, E. (2017) , Bernstein approximations in glasso-based estimation of biological networks , The Canadian Journal of Statistics (accepted for publication).
  • Ağraz, M. and Purutçuoğlu, V. (2016) , Different types of Bernstein operators in inference of Gaussian graphical model, Cogent Mathematics, 3, 1154706.1-11.
  • Drought Option Contract Price for Harran Region, Selcuk University The Journal of Social and Economic Research,(2012),Vol:22.

Chapters in Books :
  • Ağraz, M. and Purutçuoğlu, V. (2016) ,Transformations of Data in Deterministic Modelling of Biological Networks , 343-356. Chapter in: Intelligent Mathematics II: Applied Mathematics and Approximation Theory. Editors: O. Duman. Springer.

Conference Proceedings 
  • Ağraz, M. and Purutçuoğlu, V. (2016), Deterministic modelling of linear and nonlinear interactions in biological systems , Proceeding of the International Conference on Information Complexity and Statistical Modeling in High Dimensions with Applications (IC-SMHD), Kapadokya, Turkey
  • Ağraz, M. and Purutçuoğlu, V. (2016), A non-parametric model in the construction of biological networks , Proceeding of the 2nd Researchers-Statisticians and Young Statisticians Congress (IRSYSC), Ankara, Turkey.
  • Ağraz, M., Purutcuoglu , V.,(2015), Transformation of data in deterministic modelling of biological networks, Proceeding of the Applied Mathematics & Approximation Theory - AMAT, Ankara, Turkey.
  • Ağraz M., Purutcuoglu , V., (2014),Tanecik Filtreleme Metodu İle Biyolojik Sistemlerde Parametre Tahminlerinde Tanecik Saysnn Tahmin Dogruluguna Etkisi, Proceeding of National Biostatistics Conference, Antalya, Turkey.
  • Ağraz, M., Kılıç B. and Purutçuoğlu, V. “Deterministic of Gene Networks via Parametric and Nonparametric Approaches”, Proceeding of the 29th Meeting of Statisticians, Budapest, Hungary, 2013.


  • Scientific and Technological Research Council (TUBITAK). Project title: Stochastic inference of the model parameters for the biochemical systems via the particle filtering method. Project no: TBAG-112T772, April 2013-April 2015.