Statistical Computing


We require all our undergraduate and graduate students to develop working knowledge and skills in statistical computing such as efficient use of statistical softwares and coding statistical methods in a computer language. Our curriculum has statistical computing and computational statistics courses carefully designed for that purpose.

In order to obtain a working knowledge of programming statistical methods and using statistical softwares, each student is adviced to

  • adopt at least one statistical software and/or one programming language

  • use the software and/or programming language adopted for analyzing data and modeling encountered in applied courses

  • use the software and/or programming language adopted for the term projects and  homeworks in the courses that require modeling and data analysis

  • get benefit of our computer lab in the Department of Statistics as well as the computer labs on campus which has the sophisticated statistical softwares. (for a list of available statistical/mathematical softwares on campus on the basis of computer labs go to https://cc.metu.edu.tr/332-pc-rooms-installed-software-at-pc-rooms )