Academic Deficiency Program students must take following 4 undergraduate courses: 

  • STAT 203 Probability I (3-2)4
    Sample space, events, basic combinatorial probability, conditional probability, Bayes’ theorem, independence, random variables, distributions, expectation.
  • STAT 204 Probability II (3-2)4
    Transformations of random variables, generating functions, conditional expectation, limit theorems, central limit theorem, limiting distributions.
    Prerequisite: STAT 203, MATH 119
  • STAT 363 Linear Models I (3-2)4
    Simple and Multiple Linear Regression Models. Estimation, interval estimation and test of hypothesis on the parameters of the models. Model adequecy checking. Multicollinearity. Transformation.
    Prerequisites: MATH 260, STAT 156
  • STAT 412 Statistical Data Analysis (3-2)4
    Types of data. Graphical and tabular representation of data. Approaches for finding unexpected in data. Exploratory data analyses for large and high-dimensional data. Analysis of categorical data. Elements of robust estimation. Handling missing data. Smoothing methods. Data mining.
    Prerequisite: STAT 291 or STAT 292, STAT 363, or CD
    *CD: Consent of the Department

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