Teaching Staff and Research Areas


Currently we have in our department two professors, three associate professors, and three assistant professors. The main research areas of our faculty: Theoretical statistics, statistical methodology in health and genetics data, bioinformatics, computational statistics, time series data, and disaster risk and insurance. Following is a partial list of recent graduate research theses completed under the supervision of our faculty. Please see faculty websites for complete lists and further information on research interests and empirical projects.


  • A Computational Approach to Nonparametrıc Regression: Bootstrapping CMARS Method (Prof. Dr. Inci Batmaz)
  • Reconstructing the Forward Stepwise Algorithm of Additive Regression Splines (Prof. Dr. Inci Batmaz)
  • Estimation of Response Errors in Complex Sample Survey (Prof. Dr. Inci Batmaz (co-advisor))
  • Pairwise multiple comparisons under short-tailed symmetric distribution (Prof. Dr. Ayşen Akkaya)
  • Robust estimation and hypothesis testing methods in microarray analysis (Prof. Dr. Ayşen Akkaya)
  • Bayesian learning under non-normality (Prof. Dr. Ayşen Akkaya)
  • Goodness-of-fit tests based on censored samples (Prof. Dr. Ayşen Akkaya)
  • Wind energy prediction model (Assist. Prof. Zeynep Kalaylıoğlu)
  • Score  test for disease etiologic heterogeneity in two stage polytomous logistic regression (Assist. Prof. Zeynep Kalaylıoğlu)
  • Modeling diseases with multiple disease characteristics: Comparison of models and estimation methods (Assist.Prof. Zeynep Kalaylıoğlu)
  • Spatial analysis of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and lung cancer on the basis of provinces in Turkey with regards to actuarial risk assessment (Assist.Prof. Berna Burçak Başbuğ-Erkan)
  • Modelling of the Turkish catastrophe insurance pool data between 2000 and 2008 (Assist.Prof. Berna Burçak Başbuğ-Erkan)
  • Clustering of tıme-course gene expression data with dissimilar replicates (Assoc.Prof. Özlem İlk)
  •  On multivariate longitudinal binary data models and their applications in forecasting (Assoc. Prof. Özlem İlk)
  • Mixed effects models for time series gene expression data (Assoc. Prof. Özlem İlk)
  • A simulation study on analysis of longitudinal count data: a comparison of regression models and missing data techniques (Assoc. Prof. Özlem İlk)
  • Modeling and forecasting natural gas consumption (Assist. Prof. Ceylan Talu-Yozgatlıgil)
  • Developing goodness-of-fit tests for corelated data (Assist.Prof. Ceylan Talu-Yozgatlıgil)
  • Determination of an aggregation period in temporally aggregated time series (Assist. Prof. Ceylan Talu-Yozgatlıgil)
  • Modification of the standard normal homogeneity test in time series (Assist. Prof. Ceylan Talu-Yozgatlıgil)
  • Gene expression indices for single-channel microarray (Assoc. Prof. Vilda Purutçuoğlu)
  • Gaussian Graphical Approaches in Estimation of Biological Systems (Assoc. Prof. Vilda Purutçuoğlu)