METU Statistics graduates, with the education they receive in the department, the philosophy and work discipline gained in METU, start to work and climb to higher positions in departments such as research, actuarial, finance, information-processing, risk, economic research and planning Turkey in

  • Banks
  • National and international private companies
  • Various government agencies
  • Ministries
  • Insurance companies

For instance, graduates of METU Statistics Department work in high positions such as director, manager, deputy general manager, specialist, expert, inspector and coordinator in

  • Ministry of Development
  • Turkey Statistical Institute
  • Treasury
  • Public and private banks (such as Central Bank, İş Bank, Ziraat Bank, Yapı Kredi Bank, Garanti Bank)
  • Competition Authority
  • Ministries (such as the Ministry of Transport)
  • Military institutions
  • National and international private companies
  • Broker agents
  • Computer software companies
  • Various government institutions

The METU Statistics graduates having master's and / or doctorate degrees abroad, in America and Europe, can easily find jobs in

  • Many companies (such as Pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies and credit card companies)
  • Institutes conducting cancer research
  • Banks
  • Financial institutions