Undergradaute Program

The required courses for the Bachelor of Science (B.S) degree in Statistics are listed in the following pages. All students are required to develop working knowledge and skills in the computers, scientific and statistical computing.


Undergraduate curriculum for those who started their first year before 2022-23 Fall Semester

Undergraduate curriculum for those who started their first year in 2022-23 Fall Semester

Minor Program

This program is designed for students of non-statistical background.

Preliminary courses to be able to take the compulsory courses:

  • MATH 119 Calculus I or equivalent
  • MATH 120 Calculus II or equivalent
  • MATH 260 Basic Linear Algebra or equivalent
  • STAT 156 Statistical Methods or equivalent (Instead of STAT 156, any one semester basic statistics course including confidence intervals, hypothesis testing and simple linear regression concepts can be accepted)

Compulsory Courses

  • STAT 203 Probability I
  • STAT 204 Probability II
  • STAT 303 Mathematical Statistics I
  • STAT 304 Mathematical Statistics II
  • STAT 363 Linear Models I
  • One elective course offered by the Department of Statistics.

The graduates who will apply for an MSc program and need an old curriculum can access our old curriculum from here.